3D 社交游戏时代到来!

2012-5-2 13:17:23

来自知名游戏引擎Flare 3d官网的报道:



Now is time to present an amazing and ambitious development that has been done using Flare3D , a 3D social game called “Love Apartments Online” created by the Chinese company 9Miracle.

"Love Apartments Online" is a Flash 3D Web social game that simulates real life in a social environment and has a very realistic interaction between characters.

This game with a “Sims” style takes advantage of many of the properties and features that Flare3D offers, providing an immersive and more realistic experience than in a 2D scenario.

This one is only a Demo but soon we will have full versions of 3D social flash games like this one. running in different social networks.

With “Love apartment online” 9miracle is one of the first companies to lead the way to the new 3D Flash social games.


现在向大家宣布一个令人兴奋的消息,中国的九影网络公司使用Flare 3d引擎研发了一款3d社交游戏《爱情公寓online》。《爱情公寓online》是一款网页社交游戏,游戏模拟了真实的社交生活,玩家之间可以进行非常真实的互动。得益于Flare 3D强大的功能和性能上的支持,这款游戏比传统2D的游戏拥有更好,更真实的沉浸式体验。这个视频只是一个演示,很快将会有很多类似的完整版的3D社交游戏在各个社交平台上出现。在Flash 3D社交游戏这个全新的领域,九影网络凭借自主研发的《爱情公寓online》游戏,已经跻身为行业领先者之一。

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